At Sought and Styled, new doesn’t always mean ‘brand new’.  Revamping your interior can still incorporate items that you already have and love.

Some things are very good quality and will last a life time, whilst others are treasured items that mean a lot so you always want to hold on to them. That being said, they may not always fit with your space, but they can do with some work.

This is where the commission service can help, giving your item a new look and lease of life and fit in with its surroundings. From a new paint job to small re-upholstery jobs, this service can help.

Commissions - Vintage Desk Before - Sought & Styled
Commissions - Vintage Desk After - Sought & Styled
Commissions - 60s Chair Before - Sought & Styled
Commissions - 60s chair after - Sought & Styled

As you can see from the examples above, with some work an item can be completely transformed and continue to be useful.

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