For me personally I love trying and learning new things which is one of the reasons I enjoy making things.  

In terms of interiors I think there are a number of benefits from incorporating items that you have done yourself, such as the ability to get exactly what you want, uniqueness to your interiors and of course the satisfaction of having made it yourself.

So whether you are an avid DIYer, dabbler or wanting to try making something for your home for the first time, here you will find a few simple tutorials to do. For the guidelines for the images, please complete the box below.

Happy making, please be sure to share your results when you try these.

Stool Upcycle - Sought & Styled
Leaf Bowl -Sought & Styled
Terrazo Planter - Sought & Styled
Leaf Bowl 2 -Sought & Styled
Gilded Trinket Bowl -Sought & Styled

Video Tutorials

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