Thank you for visiting Sought and Styled, I hope you have found everything you want so far.  I’m guessing you would like to know who it is you will soon have assisting you?  I’m Joanna and below you can find out a little about me and my thoughts on a few things, not to mention also putting a face to the name.

When I bought my first property I realised that I can very vividly visualise spaces, colours and all. Plus I love putting schemes together and making things look the best they can, in turn creating spaces people love.

Hmmm, I’d say that I’m at different ends of the spectrum depending on the element.  For instance, I love lots of light and space but not so many knick knacks.  That being said, when I’m working it’s about you, not me.

For me personally, I would say a sense of space, you don’t want to be hemmed in. Storage is a big one, I can’t stress it enough and if you don’t have enough then you’ll definitely feel like you don’t have enough space!

I love storage, especially clever solutions and those with more than 1 purpose.  I also like cushions, a lot. Not that you can tell by my top, but I also love colour.  It can make a huge difference and really set the scene.

Depends on the item.  I find older furniture is better quality so I would advocate mending where possible. Things like cushion covers & art are worth giving a try yourself.  It depends on your skill level but that just takes practice.

In all honesty, no!  I think ultimately your space is personal and unique, therefore it is what you like.  What gives you joy and comfort and feels like you.  Trends are a great source of inspiration to find your style.

1. Make sure you have plenty of storage!
2. Don’t be afraid to put your spin on things.
3. Get help and get the home you want. Don’t spend weeks, months etc worrying over what to do.

Let's Talk

Now that we have been introduced, let’s carry on the conversation and see what it is you need and how I can help.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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